BESSER zero formaldehyde environmental protection building materials

BESSER ore mud powder is extracted from natural minerals using the latest nanotechnology. BESSER batch ash, BESSER SEALER, and BESSER WALL coatings to the surface are not covered with formaldehyde and heavy metals, ensuring that decorators and each family member are not harmed by chemicals.

By the public are increasingly pay attention to health, many European imports of oil paint on the market are zero formaldehyde, but such as Batch ash materials and SEALER do not cooperate, is also a failure. Besser mine mud consider your health and bring the long-term well-being to all their customers.  


• Besser Sealer
• Besser Joint Filler
• Besser Primer
• Besser Wall
• Besser Wall Powder

Our Brand Story

Male customer, expression angry

I spent nearly a million HKD to decorate, but it was water leaking under heavy raining, that renovation company is simply fool!

Teacher Master, sad expression

Do decades of decoration, and finally got lung cancer, are blamed for often batch ash a large number of inhalation of harmful substances, really not worth the loss.

工廠 工廠 工廠

Female customers, expression worry

It’s no wonder the two children suffer from sensitivity and asthma, knowing that the paint on the walls of their homes has been releasing chemicals.

The boss of the renovation company, helpless

We have tried our best to do a good job of the project, customers are always not satisfied when receiving, it is really discouraging!

Faith linked Eric, Eddie and Adam to the JPS Waterproofing Ltd in 2019, social unrest caused the economy to decline, 2020  was hit by the last century epidemic, many customers because of reduced revenue to cancel or delay the project, they are a big blow to start-ups. “The decision was made to create a benchmark program because when two children were born, they and all of them were expected to grow up in a beautiful and harmless environment,” recalls Eric.   In addition, in the face of the renovation industry does not have clear standards of receipt and causing customers, workers, companies often dispute, we would also like to set standards for the industry to create a new experience. But in the face of uncertain business prospects, there have been discouraged times, fortunately faith told us to determine that God is our ultimate boss, just follow God to do, what is good to be afraid of ?  ”

This uncertain two years, but also God’s blessing, to give the benchmark program more time, and finally to identify very high-quality and environmentally friendly materials, as well as passed the very high specifications of SGS product testing certification, really bring blessings to customers. As a matter of fact, the main customers of the current benchmark scheme are recommended by other customers, which shows that the old customers are very satisfied with their services and are trusted.

Looking to the future, Eric said, “The pursuit of a better environment is the basic human desire, and we want to truly change the generation, that is, to completely change the engineering community’s vision of protecting themselves and their customers’ health, and once again reflect the beautiful world created by God.”  Thus, there is a cross-shaped gate wall in their office, symbolizing that they will not forget the first heart of “Bless others with God’s  blessings”.

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