BESSER zero formaldehyde environmental protection building materials

BESSER mineral mud powder is extracted from natural minerals using the latest nanotechnology. BESSER PLASTER, BESSER SEALER, and BESSER HEALTH coatings to the surface are not covered with formaldehyde and heavy metals, ensuring that decorators and each family member are not harmed by chemicals.

By the public are increasingly pay attention to health, many European imports of oil paint on the market are zero formaldehyde, but such as PLASTER materials and SEALER do not cooperate, is also a failure. BESSER consider your health and bring the long-term well-being to all their customers.  

The United Nations unanimously adopted 17 goals in 2015 as part of a sustainable development agenda for 2030. Sustainable development goals call on the world to take concerted action to end poverty, protect the planet and improve the lives and futures of all.

BESSER’s production facilities have been certified ISO14001:2015 to help us systematically improve our environmental performance. The various measures are documented in the environmental plan and have been implemented continuously for many years. Regular audit procedures to effectively monitor program compliance and effectiveness.

We take the protection of the earth and the healthy and comfortable living environment of the public as our mission and commitment, and continue to innovate to reduce our impact on the environment, make good use of natural resources, and align with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Focus on the future.

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