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Three Main Business for JPS

Waterproofing works

Franchised building structural waterproofing works, including rooftops, basements, facades and swimming pools, according to a variety of environmental problems using the most suitable materials and construction programs, and with the most rigorous and high-specification waterproof testing, to eliminate future leakage problems, intimate solution to customer concerns.

Ground works - parking lots

Franchised car park platform projects, including industrial buildings, commercial buildings, government car parks and so on. Traditional parking platforms use floor materials, short life and high maintenance costs, the benchmark scheme introduces a new cement-based self-leveling material with very high resistance in Europe, suitable for indoor or outdoor parking, and the warranty period can be up to 8-10 years, saving customers significantly less annual maintenance expenditure.

BESSER building materials

BESSER zero formaldehyde environmental protection building materials
BESSER ore mud powder is extracted from natural minerals using the latest nanotechnology. BESSER batch ash, BESSER SEALER, and BESSER WALL coatings to the surface are not covered with formaldehyde and heavy metals, ensuring that decorators and each family member are not harmed by chemicals.

About Eric Lai

“When I decided to start a business, I just wanted to give my family a better life. Later, I came into contact with the concept of BAM, and realized that doing business is also a good opportunity to glorify God. Only then did I want to be a Christian in business and treat customers. What should be different in his attitude?”

Eric studied hotel management in Switzerland. After returning to Hong Kong, he was hired as a management trainee in a five-star hotel. After that, he was engaged in administrative management in an international concierge company, and then moved to a large digital solution company, and started to get in touch with IT. industry.

The original intention of starting a business was love

Why did Eric give up a high-paying job and venture to start a business? It turns out that Eric has always wanted to start a business, but he didn’t have enough courage and capital. Three years ago, his son had just turned two years old. Eric began to hope to increase his income and give his family a better living environment. He happened to meet an old friend of interior designer again. It turned out that he saw Hong Kong people becoming more and more safe in the family environment. The more I paid attention, I wanted to find a partner to introduce environmentally safe and safe building materials to Hong Kong people. This is how Eric started his business.

He is not familiar with building materials himself. Eric is learning by doing and has successfully introduced products such as German melamine-free flooring and zero-formaldehyde ecological mud wall materials. Eric found himself particularly passionate about the topic of environmental protection and safety.

“Most people choose building materials only care about the style, color, price, etc., but safety is the most important thing. You must pay attention to the source of production and will not release harmful chemicals. People are indoors for at least ten or twenty hours a day, and you don’t want to be at home. My wife and children breathe in harmful gases every day,” Eric said

Handling disputes, serving first

The original intention of starting a business was love, but when the decoration industry faces customers and masters, it is inevitable that there will be misunderstandings and conflicts. With the identity of a Christian, what will Eric do? “Serve the customer’s needs first, and then deal with the issues of money and disputes.” Eric said.

“Not only doing things, but doing things well.” This is Eric’s belief.

As for future plans, Eric wants to build a platform that combines environmentally friendly building materials with smart homes to bring safe and comfortable homes to Hong Kong people. Will you cheer for Eric?

環保建材代理及工程承建商Eric Lai

(Eric Lai, an environmental protection building material agent and engineering contractor)

Eric 領導Jseekers商會會議

(Eric chaired the Jseekers Chamber of Commerce meeting)


(Eric’s new company opens)


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